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Since beginning his teaching career in 1974 David has taught 7000 people how to play guitar! Some aspiring only to play at home for fun and others to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. David Fisher has also taught advanced guitar and music theory to several professional musicians who already play other instruments fluently including Oscar nominee Scott Rogness, who co-wrote and performed the songs featured in the movie That Thing You Do.

    David Fisher plays a custom built guitar made by Jay Rhyne, with a custom Bartolini pick up system designed by Mr. Bartolini. To process his guitar sound, David uses a custom built Dual Quad Xeon processor based computer running Cubase 4. A Roland Gr-30 Guitar synth is used as a midi controller for David's midi synthesizers, which include; Kontakt 2, Absynth 2, Sonik Synth 2, East West Silver, East West Strings, Atmosphere, Garritan Personal Orchestra, and Guitar Rig for Guitar processing during his live perfomances.

    "I am always looking for the band that will allow me to express myself, my influences include Hendrix, Page, Dimeola, Weather Report, Chick Corea, Emerson Lake and Palmer, and many others. I read music and charts, and between practicing, teaching, playing, and recording, I have spent 80+ hours a week for the past 34 years with a guitar. I like to soar in the wind when I am playing."

David Fisher

Guitar Lessons Atlanta's Jazz Lessons With David Fisher
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Atlanta Guitar Lessons
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