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Great Guitar Player, Great Teacher


by John Lewis


I was skeptical at first because it’s not obvious from his website that he is a metal guitarist. However, I gave him a try because it’s clear he knows his stuff if you watch his videos. I went to Jimmy Cypher for guitar lessons to help improve my soloing ability and in the 18 months I’ve been studying guitar with him, he has never disappointed. I’ve brought in Children of Bodom, Dream Theater, Death, Nevermore, and Jeff Loomis and he has shown me how to play it ALL. Bring all your solo questions to this guy — he knows every scale in the book, how to play it fast and how to phrase it. Highly recommended! — John L


Pros: Knows his Metal Music

Cons: none


Thank You Jimmy‎‎

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Carly – Jun 11, 2010


I took guitar lessons at another place for like 7 months and couldn’t even play a song. Maybe that was because i was working on Jingle Bells and ol mcdonald. After four weeks with Jimmy i was playing aerosmith and led zeppelin, the music that’s on guitar hero. Jimmy rocks and helps you rock too. thank you Jimmy! –Carly‎


Outstanding Instruction, follow up and…‎‎

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Mickey – Jul 5, 2010


I have studied with Jimmy for two years now. The guy is just awesome when it comes to progressive rock which is what I like. There’s almost nothing he can’t figure out and the few times I’ve stumped him (usually with dream theater or Protest the Hero) he researches it and shows me the following week. By far the best teacher in Atlanta that I have ever found and my playing has improved dramatically. – Mickey‎




“Everything you need to know about rock guitar”


I studied with Jimmy for about two years and I can tell you this: Whatever you want to know about rock guitar, Jimmy will show you. Even more important is that he has a method that ensures that his guitar skills will translate to YOU as opposed to just sitting around watching a “show off session” as I have encountered with past teachers. Cypher gives you a work out like a boot camp sergeant and has you playing the guitar for most of the hour. He’s also a very honest person and doesn’t try to string you along to simply get more money out of you. He gives you all the material you want and then some! What really stands out is that he often knows your guitar limits better than you do and his lessons take you to the very edge of your capabilities. Also noteworthy is that when I expressed interest in Flamenco guitar, he referred me to another teacher… even though Jimmy plays nylon string guitar quite well. He’s a perfectionist in what he does and told me nylon string was not his forte. As others have said, he really is more of a guitar performance coach than an instructor. If you’re in Atlanta and want to take your guitar playing to the next level or even just visiting, give him a try.






Hi Jimmy,

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the lesson yesterday. It was great to work with you, and I felt like I picked up more from the lesson than any other I have had. The videos are very useful too – I missed the open chords in “Wish You Were Here” until I watched the vid today.




Atlanta Guitar Lessons




Hands down the best guitar player I’ve ever seen in person. More importantly (at least as far as lessons are concerned), I don’t think there’s a better teacher around. Jimmy is incredibly knowledgeable in virtually all aspects of the instrument, from technique to theory to song composition, and he knows how to teach to keep you engaged and excited about what you’re doing. As far as I can tell, he’s able to teach at virtually any level of playing ability, from true beginner (learning how to hold the instrument and strum chords) to virtuoso level (Satriani, Buckethead, etc.).


I had taken a break from playing for 5 years and after being inspired to start back up after watching a friend take a lesson from Jimmy, I found it took me only three lessons with Jimmy to eclipse my playing level from years prior, and it only got better from there.


Bottom line — if you think you need lessons, Jimmy is worth visiting.


— Casey J.


What a difference!

By Amber – Feb 14, 2010


Wow! I’ve tried several teachers, most of whom wanted me to work out of Mel Bay books teaching 100 year old folk tunes. Jimmy assessed my playing ability and goals in the first 5 minutes, then wrote out a custom lesson plan. He then explained that all these cheesy beginner books print old school songs so they don’t have to pay publishing royalties to Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix etc.


By the end of the first lesson, I had learned more than I had in the past 6 months. If you want to learn guitar and really get somewhere with your playing, try Jimmy, you won’t be disappointed.



Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Tiara – Jan 2, 2010


Jimmy is an awesome teacher! He is very patient with me as a beginner. He challenges you and has faith in your skills even if you do not. You can tell he loves playing and teaching guitar. I learn new skills and techniques every time I go. I bet I am his most “talent challenged” student but he never makes me feel that way. It is amazing how he can teach even me to play! He is a great guy, very skilled guitar player and you can tell he wants you to learn and become better. His music is pretty cool too!


Think outside the box!

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Patrick – Dec 31, 2009


Jimmy Cypher is a fantastic guitar teacher. After playing for years, I had reached a comfortable plateau — able to play most of the music I liked, but stuck in the pentatonic box patterns I had grown up with. Within 6 months Jimmy helped get me “out of the box” and helped me take my playing to a completely different level — whether you want complete scalar fluency, advanced technque, or theory, Jimmy can help you get there quickly and effectively. What sets Jimmy apart is not just his amazing skills on the guitar — but his skills as a TEACHER. He is able to gauge where YOU are and want to be, and customize his approach accordingly. Given my schedule, I have relatively limited time to devote to music. I think of Jimmy as a “personal trainer” for rock guitar, and find the time I spend with him to be incredibly productive — we’ve worked together for 7 years now!


***** AMAZING INSTRUCTION By Barry – Dec 22, 2009


I have been taking guitar lessons from Jimmy for several years. I started with no guitar experience at all and since then we have worked on an incredible variety of styles from those of David Gilmour to Stevie Ray Vaughan to Joe Satriani and others. Along the way he’s taught me everything from basic chords, to lead soloing techniques, to music theory that I can use to write my own music. His method truly covers all the aspects you need to be able to play anything you want whether you start as a beginner like I did or you already have experience!


Atlanta’s Premier Guitar Instructor!


Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Reuben – Dec 21, 2009


So there you are, if you are reading Jimmy’s reviews, you are probably somewhere between having your eyes glazed over in Guitar Center trying to figure out where to begin, or an accomplished guitar player just reaching for the next plateau. Exhale, relax, you have found your next guitar instructor. As you look through Jimmy’s reviews, you will find a lot of happy students. Why? The students writing these reviews, including me, have greatly benefited from Jimmy’s guitar curriculum developed over 20 years of teaching and performing live. Jimmy is the real deal, a true guitar instructor’s instructor. Students are immediately immersed in Jimmy’s training program which is easy to understand for both beginners and those of you aspiring to be the next Jimi Hendrix. Hey, you made the decision to learn guitar. By definition you are going to be spending a significant portion of your time practicing. And that is where Jimmy separates himself from other teachers; he is able to weave together lesson programs, tricks of the trade only true performing artists understand, and make the experience a lot of fun. And that is, in the end, what is important. So do yourself a favor, flip through the other reviews, see all the positive responses, and come down to Jimmy’s school and jump into guitar! RC


Simply The Best~Anywhere!


Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Brian B – Dec 21, 2009


We are so lucky to have Jimmy Cypher here in the Atlanta, Georgia area! I had been playing (what I thought at the time) for about 15 years and was entirely self-taught….my biggest regret is that I did not find Jimmy way back when…..I have gone from a not-even average player to a player who can easily play with about 90% of the music playing today by ear! Yes, by ear! Now I can pretty much play whatever I want and if I can’t quite get it, then Jimmy helps me figure out the rest….Don’t waste your time and your money with anyone else as you will be spinning your wheels….but, as I always say, don’t take my word for it, get signed up today! The new year is here and what a better way to start the new year by doing something that you have always wanted to do….go ahead and become the next Real Guitar Hero~ I dare you….


Jimmy Rocks!


Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By C – Dec 21, 2009


I called Jimmy a year ago to help me become more fluent on guitar in theory so I can expand as a songwriter. I don’t want to be the girl who can only strum a few chords. He is an excellent teacher and very motivating because he is experienced in performing and the music business. I surely recommend him to all, beginners, songwriters, the experienced, and so forth…


Jimmy knows his trade


Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Randy – Dec 15, 2009


I have taken lessons from Jimmy for over a year now and he has consistently outperformed expectations. I like a large variety of niche bands and he can often tell by ear exactly what they are playing and how they are playing it without the official tab. Nothing gets by him. He will take your playing to another level!


Results & Money Well Spent


By michaelcerasiello – Dec 13, 2009


As a parent, I am extremely impressed by Jimmy’s cutting edge approach to teaching. In addition to his vast knowledge and blazing technical skill, he has a way of really connecting with the needs of his students. His systematic approach has GREATLY improved my son’s playing ability and confidence. He makes his lessons fun while keeping them at a high professional level. Jimmy Cypher is far above any guitar teacher that I have seen, or I should say have paid, and undoubtedly Atlanta’s biggest secret in the area of guitar instruction!!!




By kaysi3 – Dec 12, 2009


This is coming from somebody who had never played a guitar a day in his life…. After ONE lesson with Jimmy, I was convinced that I would be playing all of my favorite songs soon enough. His teaching style and methods are very helpful. HE’S A REAL GUITAR HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


New Horizons by John


By fender62 – Dec 10, 2009


I had been in a rut with my guitar playing for a while, until I started with Jimmy. Jimmy offers a great learning environment and excellent lesson plan to get your guitar skills moving in the right direction. I couldn’t be more pleased with my results so far.


Great teacher


By Matt – Dec 8, 2009


Jimmy is a very objective and diverse teacher. He had been in the business awhile and offers many insights beyond guitar lessons. I could not have done better choosing a teacher for guitar instruction.


Life Changing


By jhedgepeth – Dec 7, 2009


I have played guitar for 30 years without a lesson. I started with Jimmy 2 years ago upon a friend’s recommendation and have dramatically improved. Jimmy showed me that what I previously though were random solo notes that I was playing ended up being a part of a much larger picture. I now have the tools to play anything I want. I now practice regularly and far more than I ever did. Jimmy has taken me out of my “rut” that I had been in for years. If I started with Jimmy from the beginning, I would probably be playing music full-time. My son also takes lessons from Jimmy. With Jimmy’s help, he could be the next Eddie Van Halen.


Best in Atlanta


By kevin – Dec 7, 2009


JC is by far the best teacher I have had since picking up the guitar. He makes learning fun by teaching you songs that not only improve your playing, but make it very enjoyable to learn. Jimmy is flexible with my schedule and is an overall great person.


The Real Deal


By DelltaSpearit – Dec 6, 2009


I have been taking lessons from Jimmy since 2003. I took them regularly for 2 years and now take “brush-up” lessons every now and again. In 2002, I had finished college and wanted to take some fun classes. My guitar skills included bar chords and open chords. I wanted to learn more but had stagnated on my advancement in playing. I needed guidance and lessons on how to play lead, advanced rhythm guitar methods and improvisational soloing. I searched around Atlanta and landed upon a long-haired virtuoso named Jimmy Cypher as my instructor. Jimmy had flexible lessons that fit into my hectic schedule. About Jimmy’s teaching style: I have attended violin lessons with world class master violinists that teach prodigies. What impressed me about the lessons with Jimmy is that he uses the same style of teaching that the master violin instructors use. (I nannied children in NYC that were violin prodigies. Their instructors also taught at Juilliard.) I took lessons with Jimmy. I practiced and here’s what happened: 5 months after my first lesson, I began playing in blues jams around Atlanta. 8 months after my first lesson, I began auditioning for bands and became a lead guitarist in an established band. Jimmy’s lessons have been invaluable. Jimmy provided me with the skills to hold my own in most musical endeavors. I have played jazz gigs, (I’m not necessarily a jazz guitarist, but he provided me with the “tools” to “fake it.” “(Isn’t that what most jazz is? (Jazz musicians use “fake books.” No kidding.)) I entered guitar lessons with Jimmy Cypher with the goal of playing a few more songs. The guitarist and musician skills I learned in my lessons with Jimmy exceeded my wildest expectation. I strongly recommend that you consider Jimmy Cypher as your instructor for guitar lessons in Atlanta.


I think of JC as a guitar coach or…


By Mike – Dec 6, 2009


I have known and played with Jimmy for several years. It has been a rockin journey and Jimmy has been a great guitar partner – sometimes it is innovative teaching, sometimes it is motivation, other times it is just getting me out of my comfort zone. Technically my playing has improved but I also enjoy playing more now than I ever have. Oh and did I mention he has mad skills? Mike B


The Best Teacher!


By Rachel – Dec 6, 2009


I have been taking guitar lessons from Jimmy for about 3 months and my playing has improved significantly! I have taken guitar lessons from other people in the past but none of them have been able to explain things as well as Jimmy. I would recommend him to anyone regardless of their experience level. Overall, Jimmy is a great teacher!


Simply the Best !!!!!


By jmiller608 – Dec 5, 2009


I have been taking lessons from Jimmy for about 5-6 months now. My experience with Jimmy has been unlike no other. I have taken lessons from different teachers and none care about your progress as much as Jimmy. His approach is based on all of the frustrations he personally experienced learning guitar and he simply shows you methods to quickly overcome these sometimes frustrating obstacles. Like others have said, he is patient, flexible and allows you to learn at your own pace. There are many great guitar players out there but Jimmy has the natural ability to transfer his knowledge to the student in a way the can be easily understood ; unlike most great guitar players that attempt to teach you the way that they were taught. Sometimes this works…most of the time it does not. Rest assured, Jimmy’s approach to guitar works!


Jimmy is an excellent guitar teacher


By Thomas – Dec 5, 2009


I’ve played guitar for over 30 years. After receiving lessons as a birthday gift (The best present I got that year!), I continued studying with Jimmy. He can teach you any style of guitar, any song, or any lick you want to learn. He knows were you are, what you want to accomplish, and then lays out a clear path to get there. I highly recommend Jimmy. You will not be disappointed. Tom


Awesome Teacher


By sappypine – Dec 5, 2009


I have been taking lessons from Jimmy for about a year and a half now. There is no doubt i am ten times the player I was when I started. He is the best guitar player and teacher i have ever known. He has patience like no other, not to mention he’s also a cool guy to be around. Zack


Great teaching, any style!!


By keithg – Dec 5, 2009


I took lessons from Jimmy for about three years, he is very patient and thorough. He will teach you all you need to know to rock out!


Great Instructor!!!!


By J – Dec 3, 2009 I have been going to Jimmy for about 5 or 6 months now, and I have learned A LOT!!! He is patient, flexible, and an enthusiastic teacher. I was referred to him from a co-worker, and since then, I have posted several of his business cards in music stores, on bulletins, and have told friends who are considering taking lessons themselves. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him for any novice just starting out to any professional looking for a refresher course. I am with Savvy Country Boy….do not try anyone else!!!!! Do not believe me? Check his website for yourself. This guy is the real deal.


He knows how to ROCK


By Katrina – Dec 2, 2009


Jimmy Cypher didn’t just teach me the G-cord, he taught me how to rock AC/DC’s Back in Black in a way that would make Angus Young proud! Unlike most guitar teachers in Atlanta, he is actually IN the music business, recording and playing live in front of thousands, so he understands what it means to really ROCK. Its obvious he loves the music, and his passion for it is easily seen in his teaching. I’ve been going to him for 3 months and he is extremely patient with me. His demand for perfection made me a much better player. I would highly recommend him.


Loves the Music, Loves the Lesson


By savvy country boy – Dec 2, 2009


If you are looking for someone with the kind of energy that should envelope anyone who teaches guitar, then Cypher is the guy. I started out taking lessons with some different people and no one matches his enthusiasm, knowledge, and love of the guitar. His lessons are not boring, his skill is top-notch, his personality makes you want to learn more and more, and he can tackle any and I mean any challenge you “think” you are throwing at him. I suspect he could teach a one fingered man how to play lead guitar if given the chance. Look him up. Do not try anyone else. Russ


Top Shelf


By Hart – Dec 1, 2009


Jimmy is a talented musician with a sincere interest in teaching. His lessons offer a cohesive and measurable program of study tailored to address the student’s weaknesses within the framework of their personal interests and objectives. He has helped me with both lead and rhythm playing, has listened to and offered honest and objective opinions of my original music, taking the time to suggest ways of improving from recording and mixing techniques to lyrical and arrangement alterations. He has assisted in transcription of songs I have brought to him; answered a myriad a music theory questions within a context I, as a non-music major, could understand and apply; has shown me how to learn scale patterns and move freely between them in a musical rather than mechanical context. He is flexible with scheduling – important to me as an adult student – working around my conflicts, and makes himself available via email or phone between lessons for any questions that arise. In short, he’s top shelf!


From a Dad who knows music teachers


By badams0 – Dec 1, 2009


Jimmy Cypher is a parent’s dream come true. He’s very communicative regarding scheduling, organized, and enthusiastic about his work as a teacher for my son. He teaches in a flexible way that keeps my son wanting to always return, and keeps it interesting based on the music my son wants to learn. I played a musical instrument all through school and college, and have played as a seasoned amateur as an adult. I’ve taken adult lessons myself, and my children have taken piano and voice through other teachers. Jimmy really goes that extra mile to make sure the entire lesson experience is tops.


Simply the Best


By Jake – Dec 1, 2009


I’ve been going to Jimmy for quite a while now almost a year I think….I’ve gotten so much knowledge of the fingerboard, every Saturday with Jimmy seems to open up five more secrets and techniques i had never thought of before. Not only does he show me the licks that give me that Steve Vai or Joe Satriani or Hendrix sound he also shows me how to put them into the blues progression. Jimmy knows where all of the “stuff” falls into place and knows how to teach it to the student….he doesn’t just write stuff down and say here practice this he’s the kind of teacher that every guitar player taking guitar seriously should have. Jake R


Simply Superb


By Vik – Dec 1, 2009


I am taking lessons from Jimmy for over a year now. I started out as a total beginner and Jimmy has been very patient. He showed me step by step (even taking videos) how to play some of my fav songs… He is also very flexible with times and is also a very jovial person to learn guitar from…. He even deconstructed an Indian pop song and showed me how to play it after listening to it just a few times….Super Impressive. I highly recommend him to anybody!


Jimmy is fantastic


By berrydoo – Dec 1, 2009


I’ve tried several guitar teachers, and Jimmy is by far my favorite. The main thing is that he listens to me, and he answers my questions, and he is patient with me. He’s also super talented. He seems genuine, and I feel that he really truly wants me to be a good, successful guitar player. He’s encouraging, he gives me good honest feedback, and he really puts his heart into it. He knows his stuff, and he’s happy to share it with you. He’s the best!


Best Guitar Teacher in Atlanta


By ugadawgs247 – Nov 30, 2009


I had always been interested in playing guitar. I had tried several teachers before but none of them seemed to “click”. When I went to Guitar Center and they recommended Jimmy, I called and set up a lesson. From the first lesson, I knew he was very patient, helpful, and actually cared about what I wanted to play! After about 3-4 lessons, I was picking up guitar faster than ever and was doing much better than I ever had. I have been playing about 8 months now and have taken 20-25 lessons. It’s unbelievable how the difference of where I am now and when I first started. Another great thing about Jimmy is that he teaches you ANY song you request, no matter how hard or easy. This and many other great attributes are what makes Jimmy one of Atlanta’s top guitar instructors, and I would recommend him to anyone on any skill level.


Best Guitar Teacher I’ve Had


By Mark – Nov 30, 2009


I received a gift certificate for 6 lessons for Christmas 2 years ago and have been going to Jimmy ever since. Jimmy is everything you would want in a guitar teacher. He’s knowledgeable, skilled, friendly, patient and easy-going. He’s willing to teach at your speed, and able to tailor your lessons to your preferences. He encourages you to learn the right way and work hard at your craft, but allows you to do it at your pace, and all the while having fun, which is what it’s all about. His knowledge of various styles and genres of playing enable you to go in many different directions with your playing if you choose to do so. I learned more from him than I ever thought possible and very highly recommend Jimmy to anyone out there considering lessons.


Great Teacher, Quick Progress


By Nathan – Nov 30, 2009


I came to Jimmy after taking 2 years of guitar lessons with another local Atlanta teacher. I was decently happy with my playing ability, but I figured that it would take a lot more time to get much better, start playing difficult songs, and begin soloing and improvisation. I was proven wrong. After the first several lessons my speed and technique immediately improved, as did my confidence in my playing ability. I have been with Jimmy for over 2 years now with consistent hourly lessons every week. Not only do I have fun every week, but I am constantly learning more and playing better. He is helpful with each and every song I need help with. The lessons vary from concepts and theory to learning individual songs and solos. Every aspect of my ability has improved tremendously and I know that they will continue to do so as long as I stay with Jimmy.


The real deal……


By Schmitty – Nov 30, 2009


I had been taking lessons for years from other teachers, some good, some bad. Found Jimmy through a friend, and was very impressed. Jimmy cut to the chase and did not try to string out one lessons information over several just to make more money. I truly believe he cares for his students, and can help lay out a plan to become skilled player quickly. Thanks Jimmy your the real deal and freakin great musician.


Excellent Instructor


By Michael – Nov 23, 2009


Jimmy is a very talented instructor and has greatly improved my guitar playing. When I came to Jimmy over one year ago, I was a complete beginner. He is very patient and is adept at adjusting his teaching style depending on the goals and ability of the student. I highly recommend him if you want to improve your guitar playing.


Jimmy Cypher – Guitar Lessons Atlanta


By jlyons – Jun 24, 2008


I have been taking guitar lessons in Atlanta from jimmy for 2 years now. My playing has increased from fair to professional in no time. I have taken guitar lessons from other teachers in Atlanta and none even come close. I Highly recommend him to anyone.


Awesome, Patient, Talented Teacher


By aelong – Apr 4, 2008


I’ve been going to Jimmy for 2 weeks now and I’ve already learned so much! Jimmy is a fantastic talented teacher. I highly recommend him to anyone (young or old) wanting to learn the guitar.

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Guitar Lessons Atlanta Review, Jimmy Cypher is Atlanta's Best Guitar Teacher, Rock Guitar Lessons Atlanta
Guitar Lessons Atlanta Review, Jimmy Cypher is Atlanta's Best Guitar Teacher, Rock Guitar Lessons Atlanta
Guitar Lessons Atlanta Review, Jimmy Cypher is Atlanta's Best Guitar Teacher, Rock Guitar Lessons Atlanta
Guitar Lessons Atlanta Review, Jimmy Cypher is Atlanta's Best Guitar Teacher, Rock Guitar Lessons Atlanta
Guitar Lessons Atlanta Review, Jimmy Cypher is Atlanta's Best Guitar Teacher, Rock Guitar Lessons Atlanta
Guitar Lessons Atlanta Review, Jimmy Cypher is Atlanta's Best Guitar Teacher, Rock Guitar Lessons Atlanta
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